Community and Society

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (SSTEC) is committed to building a sustainable and livable green city. As a responsible corporate citizen, SSTEC firmly believes in promoting green eco-friendly concepts and a LOHAS lifestyle, by organising public welfare activities that raise environmental awareness and support sustainable development. SSTEC also believes in giving back to society and actively participating in charity events to help the less fortunate.

Promoting green environmental principles, raising environmental awareness and supporting sustainable development

Launch Ceremony of 2021 Youth "Eco-Innovation · Green Action" Competition
Launch Ceremony of 2020 Youth "Eco-Innovation · Green Action" Competition
Awards Ceremony of 2020 Youth “ Eco-Innovation · Green Action” Competition
Finals of 2021 Youth “Eco-Innovation · Green Action” Competition
“Green” Quiz activity at the EBP
2018 Eco-Run
Annual environmental protection lesson
Annual bird-watching activity
Annual “Delights in the Eco-City” Photography Competition

SSTEC and the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee jointly organise the Youth “Eco-Innovation·Green Action” Competition every year to encourage youths to innovate and explore a career in the field of environmental protection; uncover practical green solutions that can be implemented in the development of eco-cities; and lead a sustainable eco-lifestyle. The Competition was previously known as the National Varsity “Eco-Innovation·Green Action” Competition, which was first held in 2011. SSTEC has also collaborated with Tianjin’s tertiary institutions (e.g. Nankai University, Tianjin University) for many years, providing funding support and encouraging these institutions to hold various activities related to environmental protection, which have been very effective. These activities have helped to promote ecological and environmental protection principles and enriched the lives of youths, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the city and society.

SSTEC also collaborated with Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee to organise the annual “Eco-Run”, which aims to let the public and the Eco-City’s residents see the growth of the Eco-City, promote a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection principles, and drive sustainable urbanisation. This has enabled green, low carbon and environmental protection principles to be deeply entrenched in the Eco-City’s “DNA” and the minds of the public and the residents.

Since 2015, SSTEC has also regularly held the “Have a date with the birds” community bird watching event in the Eco-City. Through this event, the Eco-City’s residents can observe and learn more about rare birds, which in turn raises awareness of the need to protect the environment and rare birds.

SSTEC has also promoted green principles and raised environmental awareness through the organisation of various public welfare activities. For instance, SSTEC held a quiz on environmental protection for its staff on World Environment Day. SSTEC has carried out lectures to promote environmental protection in communities and schools, which have raised awareness among staff, residents and children. Staff were also encouraged to do their part for environmental protection by switching off their lights and other home appliances which were not in use during Earth Hour. Cycling and walkathon activities were also organised to promote green transportation. Events organised by SSTEC for the residents, such as photo competitions, drawing competitions, Taiji classes, and carnivals, have enriched residents’ lives, promoted a LOHAS lifestyle, increased community cohesion and promoted the harmonious development of society.