Green developments

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co.,Ltd. (SSTEC) has always upheld green concepts, integrating them into the work carried by every department and component. In line with the Eco-City’s KPI of having 100% green buildings, SSTEC played a part in formulating the Eco-City’s green building design evaluation standards, which are above the national standard and entail the management of the entire process from planning, design, construction to operation. All buildings completed by SSTEC meet China’s green building evaluation standard. The public building projects by SSTEC have achieved an energy conservation rate of 55%, while the residential projects have achieved an energy conservation rate of 70%, which are both above Tianjin’s standard as well as the national standard.
  • Green buildings
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SSTEC develops green buildings which are material-saving, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, and coordinates the development of people, buildings and nature. The residential projects, industrial parks, public amenities and other projects developed by SSTEC have all been awarded China’s green building certification. The Low Carbon Living Lab (LCLL) is the model for green buildings developed by SSTEC.

SSTEC seeks to reduce carbon emissions during operation and maximise the use of clean energy in developing all projects, with nature-based designs that resonate with the climate, resources and environment. SSTEC has installed solar water-heating systems for all its projects and photovoltaic panels for several office buildings.

SSTEC also emphasises on the conservation of materials and water management. When choosing the materials for its projects, it has considered materials with the least environmental impact and resource consumption, and also with the greatest degree of reusability. At the same time, all of SSTEC’s projects implement measures such as using water-saving equipment, using water-saving irrigation techniques, categorising the use of different qualities of water and integrating the use of rainwater to the greatest extent.

SSTEC actively implements green purchasing and green construction. SSTEC strives to ensure that the entire supply chain, starting from the source of raw materials used to construct its buildings, is green, so as to increase the benefits to the environment and efficiency in the use of resources. By persisting with green and civilised construction, conserving land, energy, water, materials, and protecting the environment, SSTEC has developed its own set of experiences in managing green development and forged a new path of transformation into a sustainable enterprise.