Green operations

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co.,Ltd. (SSTEC) implements green operations for all its properties. SSTEC has set up a green facilities management team to maintain the liveability of the buildings and keep them in brand new condition, ensuring that they can operate with high efficiency throughout their entire life cycle. SSTEC has compiled a green building operations manual to guide users on the correct use of green buildings and to improve buildings’ efficiency. For instance, the LCLL’s building efficiency has risen by 45% as compared to similar green buildings after three years of operations.

To further improve customer service standards, SSTEC has also built a public services cloud platform at the Eco-Business Park (EBP) which provides companies located in the EBP with smart services. This has enabled greater transparency in the management of customer services, more timely and efficient maintenance of assets, and clarity in energy management and environmental comfort levels.