Green offices

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co.,Ltd. (SSTEC) is located within The Landmark in the Eco-Business Park. Its offices, which focus on creating a healthy, comfortable and vibrant working environment, have become China’s first project to receive Singapore’s Green Mark Office Interior Gold Award.

The offices adopt an open concept interior design to maximise office space, and combine ample natural lighting and a smart energy-saving lighting system for a comfortable and low-carbon working environment.

While moving and renovating its offices, SSTEC was environmentally-friendly down to the very last detail. It kept 60% of its existing furniture and purchased certified green products for its renovation materials and daily office supplies.

In its daily management and behavioural guidance, SSTEC strictly enforces the sorting of waste in its offices and the amount of metallic, paper and harmful waste is regularly monitored, measured and announced. At the same time, SSTEC conducts regular staff satisfaction surveys on the office environment and has formulated and implemented a set of related management guidelines. These help to further raise management standards and environmental awareness among staff, thereby ensuring that the indoor working environment is healthy, comfortable, low-carbon and enriching.